The Awesomeness of You

Connect with your inner awesome and start living it.


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I want you to get maximum value from the course so I've packed it with lots of information, self assessments and self reflection activities to get you started on your journey into Awesome!

Know your Awesome

Development deeper self knowledge and self awareness.  Increase self esteem, self-worth, confidence and resilience.  Know and love the all the awesome that is you.

Connect your Awesome

Connecting with others and a sense of belonging are essential to human wellbeing.  Learn to authentically connect your awesome to the awesome of others.

Use your Awesome

You were born with a purpose, to be you. No one else can do it.  Your awesome needs to be used, making the world and the lives of the people around you just a little more awesome.

You are Awesome!

How will this course help me?

When people are dissatisfied with their lives it is often the result of a lack of meaning or purpose.

This lack of meaning creates a void that you might try to fill with drugs, alcohol, gambling, possessions, relationships, work etc. Or maybe you use technology (tv, movies, internet, gaming, etc.) to pass time as you wait for each day finally end. But the more you try to fill the gap, the more unhappy you become.

We've all heard the advice from some well-intended person who has seen our misery, and tells us to just try to be happy. 

This is the happiness paradox, the more you try to be happy, the less happy you become.  The more effort you put into being happy, the more you become aware that you are not happy and you start to wonder whether you will ever be happy, or if you are even capable of happiness. 

This leads you further down the path of misery and into a crisis of meaning marked by feelings of loneliness, emptiness, hopelessness and meaninglessness, along with questioning of the meaning, purpose, or value of your life.

So what's the cure for meaninglessness? 

Meaning is the cure for meaninglessness. Meaning fills the void.

In this 5 lesson course, you will learn the five steps to creating the meaningful, awesome life you desire.

You were born awesome, as a human being with value, with worth, with purpose.  Somewhere along the way you've become disconnected from your awesome self.

Through these 5 steps you will learn to reconnect with your awesomeness, learn what it means to be confident as your authentic, awesome self, and discover meaningful ways to live out your awesomeness and share it with the world.

Establishing the foundation

As a foundations course, "The Awesomeness of You" is designed to provide you with a starting point in your journey into meaning and fulfillment while embracing all the awesome that is you.

Each lesson will include a video, a written lesson summary and homework questions to help you explore yourself and apply the concepts to your life.

You are awesome even when you can't see it.  You've listened to the "not good enough" lies long enough.  Now is the time to abandon those lies and start living, really living, as the amazing, awesome person that you are. When you start to see your awesome, then you can start living your awesome and sharing your awesome with others.  

In this course we will explore the 5 steps to creating the awesome, meaningful, satisfying life of purpose you desire, so you can get unstuck and start thriving!

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"That was a great presentation! … homework package is "golden". Lots of very powerful and helpful stuff…’Meaning is the foundation for resilience. Resilience is the ability to keep moving onward toward a goal even in the face of hardship and suffering.’ "

Dwight--"Awesomeness of You" participant

A Rose Has its Purpose--Free Ebook

As a Special Bonus, Everyone who signs up for the course at this promotional price will also receive a free download of my new Ebook "A Rose Has its Purpose"

You were created for a purpose that can only be fulfilled by being you.  Just as the rose needs to be a rose, you need to be you. Living your purpose and potential is dependent on how well you live in your own skin, fully authentically you.

This short book is packed with information to get you started on your journey.

Also available for purchase on its own.

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We all want more Awesome

But too often we have believed the lies that say we are not awesome, that we aren't good enough, or that we don't deserve awesome. The awesome is already yours. Let me show you how to start living in the fullness of your awesome and create the meaningful, satisfying life you want. Sign up today before the price goes up.


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